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At NIRI, we guide companies to familiarize themselves with new technologies to identify and study for them the best technical and economic solutions for selecting metal or polymer 3D printing systems and their respective materials, ensuring innovation and finding just the technologies they need to solve business challenges, identify opportunities, and build new products.

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Scouting and benchmarking of all suitable systems manufacturers and their comparison in terms of technical and economical aspects. Based on the requirements and needs identified by the customer we compare the solutions offered by the market proposing the most suitable solution for the business case.

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The materials available for AM technologies are different and are constantly evolving from those used in traditional technologies. These have different mechanical and chemical properties, and the correct material choice is one of the main steps in the design and production of a part. For this reason, we offer our expertise in the AM field to identify the materials that best suit the characteristics sought for the application: from the most conductive or insulating to food contact or flame retardant materials.

We also support our clients in the later stages of 3D printer and material benchmarking and selection, offering the possibility of structured support for parts design, production, post-production and flow management. Through detailed support during the definition of all phases: from pre-processing procedures and machine management up to quality control, process standardization and all post-production phases.

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