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Market Research, Innovation Strategy, Investment Plan, Business Plan, Quality, Environmental and Process Improvement, business model structure, business strategy.

Your Need: Our Mission

We use our expertise, gained over the years, on processes, technologies and materials to help you successfully develop and introduce your business. Together with you, we open up the benefits and potential that Additive Manufacturing offers.

  1. Assistance to C-level employees to define and review Strategy and Business Models. Review and support Business Plans and management tools to drive the Company. Coaching for standard and critical situations management.
  2. 360° coaching for Salesforce. Sales & business development strategies review and guidance. Effective revenue models and negotiation assistance. Partner and suppliers network scouting, sharing and review.
  3. Review on starting engineering assumptions and aimed results Assistance on the identification of the best design strategies. Design process review and guidance. Scouting and review of manufacturing technologies and materials suitable for the application
  4. Technical support on technology choice, integration and functioning. Technology providers scout, review and manage. Process improvement strategies identification, review and support. Operations troubleshooting support.
  5. Network scouting and sharing of useful talents for the Company. Intervention in the selection process and onboarding for soft and hard skills review and second opinion to HR and management.
    Skillset definition review and support for new hires.

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, there is no room for error. In order to stay ahead of the curve and succeed in a tough marketplace, businesses must be armed with the right information. Strategic and tailored consulting can help companies get the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and grow their businesses. Consulting can take many forms, from one-on-one advice to workshops and seminars. In whatever form, it can help companies make better decisions, avoid pitfalls, and grow their businesses by giving them the knowledge they need to succeed.

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