Proto & Manufacturing services

From idea to final product

A prototyping and production service is always necessary to bring to life new projects born from our collaboration with companies. For this reason, we also make ourselves available to clients during these stages in order to obtain the physical model internally, thanks to the strong network created over the years with specialized manufacturing partners.


We offer rapid prototyping services for projects that we follow internally and externally. This allows us to have the component in hand and be able to get to production in less time. Some advantages of prototyping are:

      • Reduced time to market and R&D iteration cycles
      • Lower capital investment, without the purchase of tools for example
      • Faster testing, evaluation and iteration
      • Reduced risk
      • Sustainable and more environmentally friendly solutions

Prototypes can be divided into at least 4 categories, namely:

    • Conceptual Prototypes: which in turn could be subdivided into Geometric and Design/Visual, which aim to be able to accomplish a geometric, assembly and bulk assessment check and others. The materials with which they can be produced are any as well as the technologies that can be any to arrive at the product.
    • Functional prototypes aim to evaluate performance with functional testing to optimise production and functionality. The materials, in this case, should be similar to those of the final component, while still, the production technology can be any.
    • Technical prototypes: for an evaluation of the product in terms of performance and production cycle and for optimization, where possible prorpio of production and technologies. The material in the case of these prototypes should be the closest possible or final one as well as the technology.
    • Pre-series prototypes: for a pre-validation of the product, at this stage, there should be no major changes to the design, they can be decided after a technical evaluation. The materials should be the final ones and the technology with which to produce the components should also be the final ones.

Precisely for these reasons, one immediately grasps the strong case for prototyping in so many applications. For a visual assessment up to a technical and validation of the component for mass production.

Today, additive technologies that have been in use for years and are therefore called rapid prototyping are responding very well to these production demands with a focus on mass production for a quality, certified, repeatable and reliable process for larger and larger batches.

For the production of final components, we are at the service of customers with the possibility of producing parts with the best machines on the market in any additive technology. Possibility to produce both polymer and metal components thanks to the collaborations and close acquaintances established with the main players in the industry and our continuous research and investigations of emerging technologies.

This allows us to stay up-to-date and in continuous connection with the Additive world to always be able to offer competitive and effective solutions for project development in all its phases.

With many manufacturing companies constantly striving to improve productivity and cut costs, lean manufacturing techniques such as incorporating grip systems, jigs & fixtures into a production line aid in meeting these objectives.

Additive manufacturing’s high level of customization and complexity in a design, combined with the speed and precision with which parts can be made, makes it an ideal solution for the production of grasping systems, jigs, and fixtures.

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