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We support our customer’s supply chain by scouting and managing highly qualified on-demand manufacturing suppliers with the target of shortening lead times, guaranteeing always high quality. We work in close cooperation with our customers to estimate the required amount of production that is needed and then create a project plan for the entire order. We manage all procurement on behalf of our customers and are responsible for procuring materials and resources. This includes coordinating storage and transportation of materials, necessary inspection steps, follow-up actions including technical fault reporting and correct remedial actions. We also execute activities related to product release and shipment, as well as follow-up actions (in case of weather delays).

Our collection of suppliers: your benefits

Outsourcing can be a great way for companies to save money. By having independent teams work on the same projects, costs are controlled. Many outsourcing projects are handled by skilled professionals who are specialized in their fields. They will spend less time and be more productive, thus lowering overall costs for your business.


With outsourcing, the entire supply chain can be optimized. In addition, outsourcing can help a company become more adaptable and flexible, better able to respond to problems and changing market conditions, reduce costs and improve service levels.

When a company outsources, the supply chain moves more quickly and the product or service can reach the market more quickly. In this way, an idea develops more quickly into an asset that can be sold, increasing its market worth and, subsequently, its profitability. We manage and research the best outside manufacturers on the market so that we can give our customers the chance to benefit from these advantages.

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