AM Culture Inception

The competitive advantage

We instil the culture of additive Manufacturing within companies at all levels.

Our objective is to transfer knowledge about Additive Manufacturing to inspire the company with concrete business arguments and identify, within the customer organization, potential Additive Manufacturing applications to break new ground, reducing costs and/or improving lead times for the customer.

The AM Culture Inception

From 1984, when the first AM machine was patented, to today the market as well as the technologies, has evolved greatly. We have gone from 1 technology to as many as 14 different technologies that fill the AM market right now. Today, that we are experiencing the 4th industrial revolution the world is changing faster than ever and companies need to make several decisions faster and more frequently.

In that context, knowing the world that moves around these technologies with an overview of the most mature Additive Manufacturing technologies and those that are instead emerging, undoubtedly, allows the opportunity to take advantage of these technologies.

We offer our capabilities to enable you to get the chance to understand the differences among technologies, rumours and reality, and how and when Additive Manufacturing enable the development of new business opportunities.


Through an overview of the market and its segmentation, it is possible to understand how these technologies, sometimes revolutionary, are changing the world of the industry at all levels.

explore market distribution by sector and scope, The reasons and drivers for the adoption of these technologies among major industries around the world are mandatory to understand the spread of this technology.

Over time AM technologies increasingly integrate with traditional technologies developing an excellent synergy that allows, if exploited in the right way, to develop of new businesses.

Transfer knowledge through key reference applications that have led to major innovations and potential applications that could expand the frontiers of technological development in the future. To know them is to keep up with and benefit from the success that these technologies can represent.

AM has implications and repercussions throughout the supply chain, from reduced lead times to increased performance and reduced errors, as well as improved inventory management.

These are just some of the benefits that additive manufacturing can bring and that the integration of these technologies with others unlocks. The direct implications of AM in business management are innumerable, and in each case, a careful review and study of these allow for the awareness and opportunity to take advantage of them in the best way.

Through an overview of the applications of these technologies with the traditional ones, where they replace the traditional ones and where they work together, all the key implications and how this influences the company at all levels. Additive manufacturing is not just AM, we must consider the entire infrastructure, consisting not only of the AM machines but also of the software, pre-processing, process monitoring, post-process treatments, facilities, hand workplace, etc. As well as the standards that need to be met to talk about AM factory, again, certificates and management of the whole system.
This involves several changes in management, data generation, initial sales in the supply chain and the business model. This is the knowledge we share for a comprehensive view of the additive and Industry 4.0 landscape.


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