You will find all the grip you need in every situation

Nature is beautiful but it’s not…flat. NIRI grips are designed to help absorbing painful vibrations you get from riding on rough surfaces, without affecting the feeling you get from the terrain you are on.

A personalized design is printed on demand. Every grip can be personalized on your specifications in stiffness and with your name, logo, or whatever you choose to write them on.

The additive manufacturing part is the real innovation of NIRI grips, capable of absorbing vibrations without feeling too soft and loosing feedback from what you are riding on.

Every grip is overmolded casting a rubber-like polyurethane.

Why and how it works

Excessive exposure to vibrations can affect blood vessels, nerves, joints, muscles and connective tissue.
Absorbing vibrations improves blood circulation, reducing fatigue and granting better muscular performance, also helping reduce pain and preserve tactile sensitivity during each riding session.

The grip core, 3D-printed, flexes and absorbs only the disturbing and potentially painful vibrations, you will be able to feel with precision all the useful feedback your wheels send you back.
The core itself can be personalized on your will.

The core itself can be personalized on your will.

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