FAQs NIRI grips

# If the project doesn’t reach his goal do I loose my money?

No you won’t! If the project is successfully funded, your card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline. If the project does not reach its funding goal, your card is never charged.

# Is it safe to put my card numbers on Kickstarter??

Kickstarter payments partner, Stripe, meets and exceeds the most stringent industry standards for security. Kickstarter does not store full credit card numbers; only the last four digits and expiration date.

# Will NIRI grips fit on my bike?

NIRI grips will fit on every handlebar with end diameter of 22.2 mm, standard on mountain bike bars (flat bars, riser bars), BMX bars and on some cruiser/commuters bars.

# Will NIRI grips work in everyday use?

Our grips can be used in every situation, but you will feel their real advantage riding offroad and on rough terrain.

# Is this a “Professionals only” product?

No it’s not, our grips can be customized to fit every rider from beginner to professional level.

# How many options can I choose for my grips?

Every grip can be personalized on your specifications in stiffness, color of the rubber, color of lock-on rings and with your name or whatever you choose to write them on.

# Can I choose a color not in stock?

Usually no, but if you have some special needs feel free to tell us and we’ll see if we can find a solution!

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