two friends and one idea.

We started from a passion

We combined our professional knowledge to reduce a problem we both had, we founded this new start-up and made real the idea we had in mind.

Riccardo is a mechanical engineer; he worked for years in some of the world leading additive manufacturing Companies, following the development of this technology since he was completing his study.

Andrea is a medical doctor with an interest in modern technology and its use in sports. Despite medicine being his first job he is not new to business venture, cooperating in another innovative project in food industry.

In our free time we both are riders,
with a strong passion for off road.

From a backyard to a small operational headquarter we made our way to make our idea come true, we tested day by day on the field, doing what we like to do, following a dream.

We built a testing machine, to keep progressing even when the weather was too bad to get out and test and to speed up the process… few minutes on this test bench could reproduce a day riding.

We collected data and compared many different products and prototypes until we felt we made it, our first product was ready, a new journey begins.

Ride hard, hold tight.

If you have any questions, please contact us.