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Production tool



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Nylon 3D printed

Redesign of automotive assembly fixtures, lightweight and on-demand production of assembly fixtures taking advantage of the possibilities offered by 3D printing for the speed of supply and production of parts.


The need for many manufacturing companies today is increasing to constantly improve productivity and reduce costs. The use of lean manufacturing techniques such as the implementation of grasping systems, jigs (jigs) and fixtures in a production line help achieve these goals. The high level of customization and complexity (Driver AM) that additive manufacturing allows in a design combined with the speed and precision with that parts can be made, makes it an ideal solution for the production of grabbing systems, jigs, and Fixtures.

• Increased productivity
• Reduced waste
• Improved accuracy and repeatability of parts
• Improved worker safety

Customization of these systems to meet project requirements such as: -high strength; -ease of use; -chemical resistance or resistance to aggressive environments; -resistance to wear and repeated use. These for example are typical requirements of systems of this type.

After comparing traditional manufacturing techniques with the options of that traditional technologies offer, the appropriate material and manufacturing tencology is chosen. the fastener istemi are then designed and printed


Waste Reduction
Lead Time reduction

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