NIRI handle Grip

A project designed for sports enthusiasts and more.

Optimization in numbers

Increased riding time

Task and challenge


Handle Grip


Sport Accesories

Used material

Nylon 3D printed

Nature is beautiful but it’s not…flat. NIRI grips are designed to help absorb painful vibrations caused by riding on rough surfaces, without affecting the feeling you get from the terrain you are on.


Thanks to the careful study of the design and internal geometric shape of the "springs" it has been reached a superior level of absorption of the vibrations. The shape and position of these "leaf springs" have led to excellent properties and allowed to improve the time on the track without fatigue due to painful vibrations by more than 30%.

thanks to the design and the materials used you get an incredible comfort, which allows a firm grip of the hand.

Fully customizable according to customer needs and preferences, wide range of colors for all tastes. Thanks to additive manufacturing of which customization is a driver.

Additive manufacturing, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), prototyping using FDM technology


Increased riding time

Our services

NIRI collects over 50 years of AM experience through the diverse backgrounds of our specialists and engineers to advise, design and industrialize additive manufacturing solutions. Our consulting and engineering teams offer services to Executive Boards for strategy, to R&D, Engineering and Technical Departments for specialist engineering and to Manufacturing Departments for AM implementation.