Pressure ulcers prevention mask

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Healthcare & Medical

Within healthcare facilities, when there is the need to keep a patient in sedation in a prone position for long periods (for example during surgery, hospitalizations in intensive care for respiratory failure), face support devices that are able to guarantee access to the airways are used. These masks are made of deformable materials to redistribute the load as uniformly as possible and avoid the formation of pressure wounds.


We have created an innovative multi-use mask that can facilitate the task of health workers and reduce the onset of bedsore.

Rotating multi-use mask (with interchangeable soft headrest): The mask moves automatically through the hospital pneumatic system. Medical device for unconscious patients who need to stay in prone position for medium and long periods. This system prevent from facial wounds.

In contrast to other similar solutions in this area, this medical equipment was designed with functionality in mind, incorporating a special seat for securing and holding pipes in place,

easy access for endotracheal tubes

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