Clearsight eyewear

Sportif Glasses With Improved Characteristics For Performance View, Lightness, Customization, Clearsight ” And Dry Skin” Ventilation)

Optimization features

Embanded flow channel

Task and challenge





Designed for athletes and for all those who push themselves to the limit and want the best from the accessories that accompany them through their challenges.


Dryskin technology: an airflow extracts the heat from the temporal area.These glasses take advantage of the design freedom of 3D printing to create internal channels built into the piece, so you never have to worry about external conditions and always have a clear view.

Crearsight: achieve Perfect visibility in all conditions An air blade that runs on the back of the lens prevents condensation. The internal channels integrated inside the profile of the glasses are designed to allow optimal internal ventilation to channel the incoming air and use it to keep the lenses dry in any condition and season.

Ability to customize many of the features of this device according to your preferences.

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