Assembly Fixture

Fixture for Automatic Clipping

Optimization in numbers

Takt Time reduction

Task and challenge


Fixture for Clipping


Production tool

Used material

Nylon 3D printed

Short time manufacture and design of tools for medium/short-run series production.


Main stages of production: Acquire the control points of the part (encumbrance profiles, curvature, fixing points). Design of the control assembly tool, Definition of the most suitable printing technology (Additive Manufacturing) Production of the assembly tool Assembly Testing and dimensional control for the approval of the equipment

Integrated poka-yoke function. Additive manufacturing as an industry of the future espouses the concept of lean manufacturingmethodologyy. Poka-Yoke is any mechanism in a Lean manufacturing process that helps avoid errors. This technique has become one of the most powerful work standardization techniques and can be applied to any manufacturing or service industry. the goal is to prevent the occurrence of errors and defects, it is universally applicable and proven to be a real efficiency factor. Poka-Yoke ensures that the right conditions exist before the execution of a process step, thus preventing defects from occurring in the first place. When this is not possible, Poka-Yoke performs an investigative function, eliminating defects in the process as soon as possible.

Designed in compliance with FDA guidelines for direct and safe production of skin contact components.


Seconds cycle time for operation

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