About us

The Company

At NIRI, we are passionate about new technologies and manufacturing, especially Additive Manufacturing (AM). AM is shifting its scope and entering the industrialization phase. To safely adopt and integrate AM into its processes the industry needs access to expertise, methods and network.

NIRI collects over 50 years of AM experience through the diverse backgrounds of our specialists and engineers to advise, design and industrialize additive manufacturing solutions. Our consulting and engineering teams offer services to Executive Boards for strategy, to R&D, Engineering and Technical Departments for specialist engineering and to Manufacturing Departments for AM implementation.



We take advantage of all the possibilities provided by additive technologies. This makes it possible for us to develop technology solutions that are directly related to effectiveness, efficiency, innovation, and long-term durability.


Conscious use of technologies decreases processing waste, and better management of materials promotes greater sustainability. In fact, AM technologies that add material, as opposed to traditional subtraction technologies, minimize waste by putting material only where it is needed.


As an autonomous company, not tied to manufacturers or technological processes, we align our thinking with your company’s needs by ensuring customized solutions with competent and dedicated staff to meet your every need.


Building a sustainable future through Additive Manufacturing, Transforming design, manufacturing and supply chain by reducing resources and material consumption.

We are committed to harnessing the potential unlocked by additive technologies, to identify applications and products where significant performance gains can be achieved by making high value-added components by exploiting the “DRIVERS” of these technologies . At the same time, we transfer our know-how through tailored training and consulting to our customers and create comprehensive solutions at all levels to companies, people and the environment.


We want to bring new manufacturing technologies into all businesses, to break new ground and overcome the current past-thinking limits and paradigms; hence enable companies to move toward a more efficient, sustainable, and up-to-date future through the more conscious use of technology and respect for available resources as well as the environment. It’s up to all of us to unlock the future.

Our Team

Our team of professionals share a passion for technology. We want to make the lives of people and businesses easier and more sustainable with technological innovation.